an angel flys like a 나비


My mom says that Allah(swt) has it planned for you. It’s all written for you. Crying for something or constantly saying no to something won’t change the fact that you get what’s written for you and nothing else. She says all you can do is remember him, because the reason all these hardships and good come in your life is to remember the God who’s giving it all to you. If life was full of just being content, and satisfaction, would you remember him? Would you make dua?

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me using other peoples microwaves: what the fuck

I’m going downstairs -_-

I get v.i.p access to everywhere here n bus pass, boy do I feel like someone special, is it better than a topped up oyster card doe ???? nah don’t like wearing it round my neck n yesterday dragon lady at the reception was mean, why so butt hurt

Harrigan swapped his for mine, its cute yh n thats lavender

Harrigan swapped his for mine, its cute yh n thats lavender

my soaps prettier than Charlotte’s ♡

my soaps prettier than Charlotte’s ♡

finally got my key, bless Charlotte ♡

not fair :( what you tryna say the pagans will pull you over

2 hours later..

he made me swap seats with that other boy cus hes taller

so heightist

sleepy ._.

mans got a charger man better let me use his charger when mine hits 4% its 82%

man I’m so short the seatbelt always on my neck, its tryna slit my neck n that

I took the front seat lool